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Alphalion, founded by a team of industry experts and top technologists , aims to bring innovative changes to the middle & back office space in the financial services industry.

Our goal is to partner with our customers in the belief that technology should:

Help business Scale


business Scale

Reduce costs



Reduce processing errors and risks

Reduce processing

errors and risks

Reduce operational complexity

Reduce operational


Time to Embrace the Simplicity and Efficiency

Leverage advanced technology to innovate, disrupt and challenge the status-quo

Embrace the Simplicity and Efficiency

Multi-asset class support by one installation: including Futures & Options, Forex, Equities, Fixed Income and OTC products

Fully real-time: trade processing and position valuation

Transparent EoD process: with embedded workflow management tool for user to monitor and re-start

Automated workflow engine: eco back-office operation

Flexible and customizable page set up

By-module installation: expandable architecture on cloud or enterprise premises

High availability and throughput: according to client size and extension

Our Global Network and

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Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Cloud-native SaaS System and Scalable Architecture

A high degree of elasticity that the user/system could acquire resources as they need them and release resources when no longer needed.

Better control and manage their costs result in a more environmentally friendly way to run businesses.

Modular and message based with a robust system architecture, empowers the capital market players and wealth management companies to scale business efficiently without unburden.